Procedure for Dealing with Student Complaints

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is committed to the provision of the highest standard of education for all its students, and to maintaining an environment that can facilitate student learning to the fullest extent possible. In so doing, the University recognizes the importance of having established procedures so that any current student who has reasonable grounds to believe that s/he might have been treated in an improper manner by a staff member of the University, in an academic or non-academic matter, may lodge a complaint with the University for an independent investigation into the matter.

Any student who is registered for an approved course of study at the University may lodge a complaint under these Procedures if s/he has a reasonable belief that there have been irregularities related to his/her studies resulting in his/her being directly affected

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1.Procedures for Dealing with Student Complaints
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2.Flowchart of the Procedures
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3.Complaints Form
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4.Appeal Form