No, students do not have to apply for graduation. When students are about to reach the expected graduation date and after the grade for all courses taken have been released, the Graduate Panel and the Graduate School will arrange to conduct graduation assessment for the students. If the student fulfils all graduation requirement of the programme (including course work, etc.), he/she will be recommended for graduation.

A complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript (student copy) will be sent to student upon request by sending email to after the recommendation for graduation is endorsed by the Graduate Panel. Students who wish to obtain additional copy of transcript and/or certifying letter may submit applications at the section "Request Official Documents".

 Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript will reach students about 2 months after fulfilment of all graduation requirements (i.e. after release of grades for all courses taken).

The Graduate School will process the graduation assessment and issue the proof of graduation to students as soon as possible. Frequent enquiry to the Graduate School and Graduate Panel on the progress may slow down the process.

Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript will be sent to students by EMS mail. To ensure proper delivery, please update the contact information to the Graduate School.

Students who are unable to graduate will be informed of the result of graduation assessment accordingly. Students who are required to continue with their studies will be asked to renew their student ID card.

The graduation certificates will be issued after the Congregation which is held in November/December each year. Students will be informed of the details of Congregation, graduation ceremony and collection of graduation certificate in October/November.